RenStar, LLC: A Wholly Owned Subsidiary of Knight-ChemStar, Inc., announces facilities strategically located to serve key New England markets.

Oct 09, 2023

The newly formed RenStar, LLC, is working with industry leaders to steadfastly support our country’s green initiatives, while also meeting state and local mandates associated with renewables and low carbon fuels. The Spring, Texas based company plans to develop two sites, one in Providence, RI and the other in Revere, MA. Both locations are in the early stages of permitting, planning and development.

When complete, Providence, RI will offer the handling of Biodiesel, Renewable Diesel, and eventually Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF), and feedstocks for same. It will look to expand existing capability for receipt and distribution for wind energy components and manufacturing as well as the handling of various dry bulk commodities and aggregates. The receipt and distribution points are via marine with the capability of handling barges and deep-water vessels up to 40' draft at Mean Low Water (MLW) and expanding on the existing rail capability via the Providence & Worcester Railroad for offloading/loading railcars, whether it be for liquid bulk or dry bulk materials. These functions will allow for truck loading and distribution into local strategic markets in and around Rhode Island.

In Revere, MA, the site will initially start with the receipt and distribution of Biodiesel (B99/B100) via rail deliveries from the CSX Railroad for rail to truck transfer. Initial capacity will allow for the offloading of two railcars per day with eventual expansion to include the addition of handling Renewable Diesel and Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) and a rail direct solution from upstream producers.

Knight-ChemStars’ CEO, Steve Knight stated: “The combination of our exceptional group of talented marketers/traders, logistics experts, and experienced operations management team, together with our strategic partners from both a supply and asset perspective, will position us well to integrate our RenStar facilities into a strong, well-equipped midstream growth platform. We feel with the evolution of clean/green energy solutions achieving zero emissions is a challenging but essential goal to mitigate the impacts of climate change and reduce air pollution. It often requires a combination of technological advancements, policy changes, and individual actions to transition to more sustainable and environmentally friendly practices. We will play a part in our country’s goal of reducing or eliminating harmful emissions of greenhouse gases and other pollutants into the environment.”

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